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The Benefits Of Pageantry

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Often times we get asked, why young ladies should compete in pageants. Although some people see pageants as negative. The positives actually outweigh the negatives.

CONFIDENCE: Let's begin with the amount of confidence that being in a pageant brings to a young lady. Being in a pageant teaches you to be confident and love yourself. Pageants help young ladies become confident while learning to accept ever aspect of themselves.

FRIENDSHIP: One of the biggest takeaways of pageantry are the long life friendships that are made. Many of the young ladies that you meet through pageants become your family. They become your biggest supporters and eventually become family.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Throughout the different pageant systems the opportunities are endless. In some systems young ladies will be awarded scholarships to help further their education.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Two of the most important portions of competitions are interview and onstage questions. Both of these areas help with your communication skills. In the long run the interview portion prepares young ladies for a job interview.

NETWORKING AND OPPORTUNITIES: The amount of opportunities pageantry brings to young ladies is endless. From job opportunities, to pageant opportunities to lifelong networking. Pageantry can provide you with all of that and much more.

Written By: Juanita Maldonado

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